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用于光谱仪的冷冻机 USP-203Series
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Temperature range from -80°C to +100°C
Light weight and compact footprint. Vacuum pumps are not required.


Liquid Nitrogen Container

Stainless-steel dewar vessel, 2L


Cell holder made of aluminum, with foamed urethane used as insulator

Optical Window

3 sides, made of synthetic quartz

Compatible Cell

Four-side transparent cell, with outer dimension of 12.5 mm × 12.5 mm

Temperature Control

Flow control of liquid nitrogen by an automatic valve

Temperature Range

-80°C ~ +100°C

Temperature Accuracy

±1°C or set up temperature ±0.5%, whichever is larger.

Quantity of Dew Condensation

Less than 0.1 OD/hour at -80°C with TSP-1000 system

Temperature Detection

Pt100, Resistance thermometer


Two heaters are included: One is to prevent dew condensation on optical windows. The other is for temperature elevation.


Stirrer, Various base adaptors for measuring, Cell adaptor (light path length: 1 mm, 2 mm)

External Size

H146.5 × W90 × D111 mm

Courtesy of Prof. Itoh, Osaka City Univ.

Time-dependent UV-vis spectra

Systems Interfaceable with CoolSpeK UV
 ● UNISOKU RSP-1000/TSP-1000
 ● Agilent Technologies Agilent8453/8454
 ● Agilent Technologies CARY50/60
 ● Beckman DU-7400
 ● JASCO V-500/600/700
 ● JASCO FP-6000/8000 Series
 ● JASCO J-720/820/1500
 ● HITACHI U-2000/3000/4000 Series
 ● HITACHI F-4500/7000
 ● Horiba FluoroMax/Log
 ● Horiba FluoroCube
 ● Perkin Elmer Lambda Series
 ● SHIMADZU UV1800/2000/3000 Series
 ● SHIMADZU RF-5300/6000
 ● Sinco S-3100

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